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How easy it is,
To let life go,
And watch the river,
Continue its flow,

How precious we then realise,
It all is,
How delicate and sensitive,
Ours is, just as his,

How when you sit and think,
That all is good,
And smile softly at the world,
That death comes with his great black hood,
And takes away someone,
Wholly good,

It is then that we realise,
How small we all are,
When the beauty in life leaves us,
When we lower the bar,

And we are left with nothing,
A small goodbye to keep,
Forever in our hearts,
Until we make that leap,

When we are no more,
Others will think,
About us, about him, about all the links,
That the world leaves us,
To remember

How beautiful, how wonderful
A family member

Lilliane Moffat. (via meatloaf-fill-in)